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Our Faith

Cedar Ridge is a congregation of Community of Christ, an international Christian denomination. Community of Christ's mission is to proclaim Jesus Christ and promote communities of joy, hope, love, and peace.


Established in 1830, Community of Christ's founders sought to reestablish the church of Christ as it is described in the New Testament. They wanted to build Zion--a place of peace and security for the saints of God--in preparation for the Second Coming of Christ.

While our vision of the church has expanded and matured over the years, we are committed to sharing Christ's peace and establishing Zion here in Nashville and beyond.  Zion is the world at its best, where people live in harmony with God, each other, and creation.

Through the sacraments, and by joining together to worship Christ and make the world a better place, our lives have been touched by the peace of the Holy Spirit.  We have been restored to God. You are invited to join with us: come and see what Christ can do in your life.


To explore the mission, beliefs, principles, and history of Community of Christ further, please click the links below:

Basic Beliefs


Enduring Principles


Church History


You can also learn more about Community of Christ by visiting the website for our World Church Headquarters at CofChrist.org.